Railcar-Building Engineering Centre group of companies was established in 2001. It incorporates Engineering Centre, Testing Centre, Expert Centre, and Production Service.

The group of companies provides engineering support during the whole life-time of railcars, and is engaged in solution of problems arising at exploitation, business and economic activities, as well as in protection of the copyright of design organisations and companies using the rolling stock.

The basic activities are:

  • marketing researches in the sectors of freight and passenger transportation by railway;
  • marketing researches in the sphere of manufacture, modernisation and repair of wagons, their basic components and spares;
  • researches to develop new wagons and nodes;
  • design and preparation for new wagons manufacture Ц including getting necessary approvals in the supervision bodies in the Russian Federation and the CIS;
  • wagon exploitation monitoring;
  • development of design and technological documentation, introduction of new types of railcar repair, modernisation and re-equipment into production;
  • examination of project, repair and technical documentation for it to meet the normative documents;
  • patent research of railway transport objects;
  • fulfillment of all types of testing pre-production models of railcars and their nodes at choosing the parameters, start of manufacture and certification;
  • fulfillment of procedures concerning certification of wagons and their nodes in the certification system at the federal railway transport;
  • diagnostics of technical condition of railcars and their nodes, basing and registration of prolonging the term of their safe exploitation;
  • basing and help to get the right to transport freight by railway;
  • participation in an arbitrage as an expert organisation if a case is concerned with manufacture and exploitation of railcars;
  • expert evaluation of the depreciated cost of railcars and their nodes;
  • organisation of all types of wagon repair and modernization of different complexity at private repair enterprises and at the ones of Russian Railways JSC.

High professional level of work execution is provided by a team of qualified specialists. The team includes Doctors and Candidates of Technical Sciences, Masters of Engineering and Technology, engineers as well as experts of certification system at the federal railway transport and the single system of industrial safety.



Research supervisor of the group of companies is Alexander Bityutsky,
Doctor of Science, Professor

Tel.: +7(812)325-61-40
fax:  +7(812)325-71-08
e-mail: spb@engcenter.ru

Railcar-Building Engineering Centre
108, Fontanka emb., Saint Petersburg, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 325-61-40, Fax: +7 (812) 325-71-08 spb@engcenter.ru

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